Which ISPs will filter?

Update March 2017

This list has not been kept up to date.

The Department of Internal Affairs has this list which may or may not be up to date.

Yes to the filter

ISPs that are currently using the filter

  • 2 Degrees mobile
  • Watchdog
  • Maxnet – “Our customers would be disappointed to hear if we weren’t participating. So participation for us has always been a no-brainer.”
  • TelstraClear – “We informed our customers of the trial, received positive feedback from them and its likely we will participate further.”
  • Xtreme Networks – “It’s a no-brainer for us, it’s free.”
  • Airnet
  • Telecom – “Telecom has today announced it will join the Department of Internal Affairs’ Digital Child Exploitation Filtering System. 3/11/2010”
  • Vodafone/Ihug

Not filtering

Definitely not

  • WxC/World Exchange/Xnet – “This filter is not compulsory and we have no plans to implement it.”
  • Callplus/Slingshot – “We’re the pipe, not a censor.”
  • Natcom
  • Snap – “Snap does not support mandatory Internet censorship. However, we understand and realise that filtering can complement sand-box Internet for environments with specific requirements and we therefore will make a filtered Internet service available to our clients if the desire is there.”
  • Iconz – “ICONZ are not currently signed up to the filter, nor do we have any intention of doing so in the future.”
  • Unleash – “we will not be implementing this filter and we have no plan to do so in the future.”

No plans

  • Orcon – “Let us clearly say that just because we are engaged with the DIA about filtering doesn’t mean we are going to implement the system. To draw that conclusion would be erroneous.”


  • Woosh
  • FX
  • Compass
  • Inspire
  • Actrix

Note: Quotes and positions are taken from a number of articles, emails, support responses to ISP customers, conversations, etc. Contact us if you think your ISP has been mis-represented and we will be happy to re-categorise you.

Last updated: 3/11/2010

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