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1-Day finds that anonymity is hard

Update: 1-Day claims that they have tweaked the feature so that customers can choose to use aliases. However, there appears to be no way to enter an alias when signing up for an account or proceeding through checkout without an account (18/11/2010).

Update 2: 1-Day support are unaware of any new alias feature. They suggest entering an initial instead of your first name. The site continues to publish live customer data (18/11/2010).

Update 3: 1-Day have now added a checkbox for “Make my purchase public” to the sale process and have included a link that explains the feature. We think that this is sufficient notification and allows people to opt out if they wish, although it would be better if the checkbox was not ticked by default (23/11/2010).

1-Day is another of the many “deal a day” sites. An extra feature on this particular site is Watch People Shop – a dynamic map of NZ with “Sharon in Lower Hutt bought a Mistral Bread Maker 5 minutes ago” overlaid.
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